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The Only Advanced Vertical Community

Advanced and connected, Humaniti is Montreal’s first Smart Vertical CommunityTM. A bold and distinctive architectural concept, the complex is shaped like the letter “H” and features condominiums, residential rental units, a hotel, an office building and commercial space.

Humaniti is designed to encourage its residents to interact with their living space. An inspiring way of life filled with a variety of interests which stands out from all other Montreal projects. Having a unique place in which to explore human experience in an environment of well-being is the ultimate luxury.

“The source of inspiration is really two-fold. In one case it was the city itself so it was a relationship with the mountain, the views… The other inspiration was the mixed use of the site, the fact that there was going to be housing for all kinds of people in the project. Architecture has a fundamental relationship with the human body. As bodies, we inhabit space, we touch space, we have a visceral experience. The Humaniti project absolutely does that. So there’s one very flat building, one medium scale building, and then this one very powerful vertical structure, and as a human you understand that relationship with your body.”

Andrew King, Senior Partner Creative Team, Lemay
FRAIC (Member of the College of Fellows, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada)

Choosing Montreal

Choose Montreal And Living at the Centre of its Dynamic Quartier International Where the Quartier des spectacles Meets Old Montreal.

Everyone loves Montreal! It is cosmopolitan, colourful, trendy, gastronomic and vibrant. Whether in summer or winter, Montreal is a North American city with a European lifestyle, a city on a human scale, open, friendly and safe.

Choosing Montreal
Choosing Montreal


Overlooking the magnificent Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Humaniti is a few steps away from heritage-rich Old Montreal and the Old Port and a short distance away from the Quartier des spectacles, the city’s heart that beats to the rhythm of its culture.

Despite Montreal’s 375 years, there is still a wind of energy blowing across the city. That may explain why it was named the world’s best university city in 2017.



condo_01_bedroom_final_revision (2) A look into the Futura: Humaniti

A look into the Futura: Humaniti

Condo  Après les immeubles LEED, place aux bâtiments WELL

Après les immeubles LEED, place aux bâtiments WELL


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